Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mr Steve McCarthy head lining on the Little Ghost stage this June.

The rumours you have been hearing are true. We would like to be the official word on the street and tell you that yes Mr Steve McCarthy is head lining this year at the Little Ghost Gallery. 
I know what your thinking and I honestly do sympathise with you about buying Oxegen tickets or tickets for any other festival this year now knowing they were a waste. It has taken us about 15 years to get Mr Steve McCarthy for what will be his biggest solo show to date. 
I was introduced to Mr Steve McCarthy last year by a young chimney sweep named Rob Dunne. We shook hands and exchanged witty banter and childish witticisms. He held the air of a gentleman with a cheeky swagger of a knacker after throwing stones. "This lad is Awright", said a passing drunken Naval Officer, who Mr Steve McCarthy had obviously entertained moments before. My curiosities began to shit their pants. 'Who is this seemingly flawless gentleman, and where did he get those shoes'? 
After a visit to an exhibition I was having in what is now the Little Ghost gallery, I was quick to realise that Mr Steve McCarthy was an artist, due to his lack of interest of what I had on the wall. Being the mysterious gentleman that he is, he did grace his fingers to his chin when viewing some of the pieces only to mutter a purr like 'hmmmmmmm'! I must say I did like the cut of his jib and who was to know that less than a year later I would be sharing a studio with the man and having a child with his girlfriend. (cough!)

In the past year myself and Anne have befriended Mr Steve McCarthy. This meeting has created so many wonderful happenings. I now share a beautifully cool studio space in the Monster Truck Studios with him and other amazing folk. Through Steve I have met an array of great mates that would make up a killer Top Trumps set of cards. Without meeting this fine gentleman I would still be wearing Velcro strap shoes and I wouldn't have witnessed his brother skateboard in a banana suit. Thank you Mr Steve McCarthy, Thank you. 

For those of you who don't know Mr Steve McCarthy and missed the weekly Mr Steve McCarthy Collectors Magazine, here are some facts about the artist that you may not have been aware of; 

  •    There is no I in team and there sure ain't no I in Mr Steve McCarthy. Spell-check that shit! 
  • Mr Steve McCarthy is a very serious DJ.
  • Mr Steve McCarthy makes a quality vinaigrette.
  • Mr Steve McCarthy knows nothing about any Volcano. 
  • Is the only person who can print the colour green.
  • Makes a sandwich like this - CLICK HERE! 
  • Does not own an eraser - EVER! 
  • Steve McCarthy OWNS you! 
  • Is the only man in all existence who can hold his dignity whilst changing his shorts under a towel on a beach. FACT! 
  • 43% of his bone marrow is made from crayon.
  • The Priory of Sion want Mr Steve McCarthy to give their secrets back. 
  • Mr Steve McCarthy likes reading, walking and running and shanking.
So now you know a little more about Mr Steve McCarthy lets talk to the man himself about his upcoming show in the Little Ghost. 

Me - Hi Steve, thanks for taking time out to speak with us.

Steve - Ah its Mr Steve McCarthy if you don't mind. (yawn!)

Me - Ah, sorry, uhhh, hmmmm, OKAY! Its just in my notes here........

Mr Steve McCarthy - ....Yeah fuck your notes and your ridiculous time to interview people, its 4:30 in the morning, I'm in bed.

Me - So how would you rate yourself as an artist from 1 - 10?

Mr Steve McCarthy - 11. Now get the fuck outta my house before I call the cops. 

Me - One more thing.......

Mr Steve McCarthy - ( Pulls a prison shank from his bedside drawer) 

Me - (Exit)

Steve McCarthy is one of the most welcoming artists I have ever met. This kind of personality is seen right through his work which seems to flow from him so naturally as if he was given life to do this and only this. Without you ever knowing it Mr Steve McCarthy would have introduced himself to you. Like this AD we all admired on the tele, that was Mr Steve McCarthy saying 'How-ya Boss'. Who would have thought that the person who created such a loving advert owns a large collection of prison shanks. 

Since we opened the Little Ghost Gallery we have been hoping to get Mr Steve McCarthy have a show there and at long last he is now booked in a ready to take to the main stage to headline a huge solo gig! 

I don't want to reveal too much about the show as I don't even know the title of it yet but what I can tell you is that it will be truly unforgettable. If you are expecting the typical pictures on the wall with some boring price tags underneath then think again. We don't roll in such ways. This will be an opening night you will not want to miss. I have heard rumours of well know spinners of vinyl playing on the night. I have heard rumours of large projections and people travelling from a far to see it. These are all but rumours but I'm fully sure Mr Steve McCarthy created them so they have to be real. 

The opening night of the show will be the 18th of JUNE! Chalk it down! Be there early on the night to get the free goodies which are all mini fun size artworks that you will cherish and pass on to your children. Mr Steve McCarthy's work sells fast so make sure you get down and fall in love with his work. 

Mr Steve McCarthy was awarded a place in my top 5 artists earlier this year when I saw him at work one in the studio one day. He doesn't sketch or rub out or delete it just seems to flow very naturally and I hate him for that the BASTARD!!! But he has actually been officially awarded a place in my Top 5 artists list in no particular order: 
  • Scott Campbell
  • Jean Michel Basquiat 
  • Mr Steve McCarthy
  • Esao Andrews
  • Denise Nestor  

If you would like to have some of Mr Steve McCarthy's amazing artwork on your desktop then all you have to do is click HERE to download an amazingly stylish lumberjack tree leg scene .
Mr Steve's wallpaper was chosen and put up on the well respected and much admired Kitsune Noir blog by Bobby Solomon. Respect!!! There are plenty more awesome wallpapers on there to have a look for but I warn you don't take Mr Steve McCarthy's one down for at least 4 years as he will send the van over to your house and you know what that means...yes he will move your furniture around into some senseless manner that you will never feel comfortable sitting in watching television. So be warned. 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Inter-web, this is Mr Steve McCarthy. Remember the name because you just got SERVED!!!!!!!  

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