Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eleanor Reilly - I asked for a Puffalump - 2009 - Toys of Christmas Past Exhibition

This is Eleanor Reilly telling us the story of how she longed for a Puffalump for Christmas but instead she was given a duvet. Lousy!
Sound parents right there. A duvet...whats that saying to a child? ' Enjoy the gift of warmth and comfort because normally we let you sleep by the door'. I dunno I think this piece is really shocking and seriously heart breaking. If Barnardo's or the ISPCC get wind of this it might be the last piece we ever see made by Eleanor before she is locked away in an adult foster home.
If we look closely at Eleanors art and her attention to detail we can clearly see it was her parents influence she became such a great artist. Its evident that her parents never gave Eleanor the luxuary of toys, computer games, television or even crayons or colouring pencils judging by the detailed pencil work we see here. Eleanor had to grow up in a furnitureless room with just a duvet ( plain too) and a pencil and paper as entertainment. Shocking! Over the years eleanor was so bored she befriended four really sound dustmites. One of these mites who we will name Joe for legal reasons was a skilled artist. He spent years training Eleanor how to craft tiny versions of the things she loved but did not have. One of the strongest example of this microscopic craftswomanship is in this piece. Just look at that little Puffalump. That is pure talent and skill, the kind only an artistic dustmite can train you in.
Eleanor was banished from her home after a few years. She had "accidentally" crushed Joe (the dustmite,who her family grew to adore) and used his fine textured hair as spokes of a miniture bicycle in some piece depicting some foreign country she pretended she went too.
Once Eleanor was set free of the shackles of stinginess of her parents she became emersed in all things creative. She would go to art shows and flirt with the wine. She would hunt artists she admired and use their mojo as inspirational glue. She would be given the key to the city that she built for the dustmites out of Rice Krispies and guilt.
The Little Ghost Gallery has fostered Eleanor as one of their own. Its a great feeling as an artist to come across someone who you know by the depressed look on thier face that they have dedicated their life and soul to their art. We in turn dedicate our friendship and time to this truely gifted and special artist. To find out more about Eleanor and her love life just click HERE. If you are a mourning dustmite please feel free to abuse her as she feeds of negative energy to make such pretty work, just like an Incubus does!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The Little Ghost Gallery is looking for new artistic neighbours. We are hoping to build up an artist community in and around the area of the Coach Road on the way up to St Canices Cathedral and Dean Street. This area has many properties to Let and many empty office and shop front that we feel are going to waste. This is where we feel the artistic community can step in and create an established artistic ghetto of sorts.

There is a great studio space beside the gallery up for rent and we are hoping to get artists in make a creative atmosphere. The room is split into 3 spaces. One large, medium and small. There is a storage closet and the small room to the front could be used as a dark room if its needed. Its a cosy little space and and looks out onto the hill up to Canices Cathedral.

The space is ideal for an artist studio and would comfortably house at least 3 - 4 artists. The space is unfurnished but Im sure there would be a skip you can steal from somewhere. There is Gas heating and the electicity can be run off a meter if it suits you better than a bill.

Kilkenny is becoming a great place to set up shop as an artist. Since the new by-pass went in Dublin is less than an hour and a half away. Its 20 min from Thomas Town and 10 min form Bennetsbridge. Perfect. If your an artist wanting to set up a new artist collective with a few other artists this space would be perfect and you have a gallery next door, what more do you need?

If you or someone you know would be interested in renting this space please contact us at the Little Ghost Gallery by emailing us at this address. Please pass this email on to any you know who may be interested.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Skeleton Dance by Sara Antoinette Martin

When someone as nice as Sara Antoinette Martin sends a piece like this to us in the Little Ghost all the way from her studio in New York, you realise that there are so many people in the world that you need to personally high 5.
I was doing the Secret Wars showdown before Christmas in Dublin. Our team was up against the skilled OFFSET team and I was a bit buzzed at the fact that folk such as Tara Mcpherson and James Jean were in town giving talks and might very well pop along and kick back with us. Didnt think Tara Mcpherson would actually jump up and start juicing her maker on the the OFFSET board but she did and well that was just awesome. After the show I thought I might go up n chat to Tara about the gallery and ask her would she like to put some work in sometime and make new friends in a little Irish town. I realised once we got to partying that the last thing I wanted to do was wreck the head of someone who I admire with shite talk and she was bombed with same ol same ol so Instead I fondled a mans beard in front of her and scattered.
But after this I emailed her causeIts farrrrr more polite these days. She couldnt get work over as the timeline was too tight and she was busy out but she said her friend Sara might be interested. Low and behold Sara is thee Sara. The Frida Kahlo of today without the unibrow and broken back and frog like man on her arm.
Was a pleasure to hang this in the gallery and I was a bit bummed it sold so quick as I really wanted it. Thats the last time I ignore the greed part of my brain.  I did get a lovely signed print of "Unfinanced Love" for Christmas from my lady faced lady. Gonna carry it under my arm everywhere I go.
We hope to see more of Sara's work on the wall of the Little Ghost and have her over for some hot whiskeys and a cuppa cha someday.

Rattle Me Bones by Ivor Noyek

This sweet little piece is from the hand of a man they call Ivor Noyek.You may remember Ivor from such art show episodes as The For The Love Of, which he stars with his fellow art attack mate Shane O Drizzy who made the sweet 'Longest Skid Wins' piece in the show we just had on. Both lads will be hosting yet another FTLO show in the Mill Street Gallery soon, this time it shall be the 'For The Love Of Change' show. They send out a brief asking artists to submit work based on this theme and then put on a big show where loads of folk flock to see and buy and party. Its really overrated though. I mean Ive been in their last two "successful" shows, FTLO God & FTLO Live and to be honest I thought it was pretty Sunday Mass like. Well I mean there was amazing artists at it and loads of people were there and each time round the shows gets bigger and better but yet again Ivor comes along and out dresses everyone else not even considering the thoughts and feelings of the poor artist who cant possibly afford such threads. Even though FTLO is one of the best new group shows you can be apart of and they throw a badass opening, its  no excuse for Shane O drizztics speeches. Yeah he has a pretty good flow but shhhhhhhhhh its an art gallery not a library. I dunno? We the Little Ghost keep offering them advice and help and encourage them to shut down but they ignore us.... kids wha? I tells ya! Anyway if your done living on facebook, check the brief for the show and apply with art i here to sell out.
 Ivors piece is called 'Rattle me Bones'. It was a game back in the day kinda like Buckaroo only better as it was a skeleton on a pirates treasure chest. It was pretty cool check it out here.
Ivor used some ink and pro markers I think on this and it was done on some newsprint I do believe. Still available from the Little Ghost gallery if you wanna buy it. Just send us an old email and then send us the money we'll be sure to send it on to whats his name. Ivor is a designer who makes things on a computer and a pretty good one too think its a Mac or something. Anyway if ya want Ivor to make you something or draw you something its best ask us first cause he will be out buying something nice for his legs or he will be stealing car radios. How else you think the FTLO is funded. tut tut tut!!!!

A Wistful Desire by Martin Whelan

Nice nostalgic digital print from Martin Whelan. Martin is a new name to us at the gallery but we were really impressed with his take on the brief for the Toys of Christmas Past show. The use of colour is really strong and the composition is worked well with the form of a scalextric track with the little car shooting out.
We are really looking forward to seeing more work from Martin in the future. I hope he does some more scalextric stuff cause that is pretty damn cool.
This digital print is still available from the Little Ghost gallery so if your interested in getting your hands on a copy please email us

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Allied Occupation Forces in France by John Corrigan

This is John Corrigans piece from the Toys of Christmas Past Show. John based this on an old toy soldier play set he had as a child. I think it was like a Normandy landing playset and he put his own swing on it. I dont remember any old plastic soldier sets being detailed I always remember they were universally the same in a wee bag had a German flag and an American Flag and a crap jeep and tank and a few sand bags. We wanna see this play set john or we cry hoax!
But ya gotta love this piece right? Its pretty sweet as. That girl is pretty hot too I dunno why all the soldiers are running away from her maybe they just wanna party with their baguette and wine. This is a limited edition print and we still have the framed one available to buy in the gallery but not for long more as it shall be going back to the artist so if you want it at a good price send us an email and we can send it out to you in a tank.

She Wolf Cub & Fisher Price Frog by Kate Elliot

When Kate sent me this in the post I thought it was a gift my girlfriend had bought me on Ebay then after i read the note with Reuben's (her pirate partner) I realised it was not to be mine it was her submission for the Toys of Christmas Past show. I felt sad. Then I was happy cause it is such a cool piece. I lve nothing better than anything hand stitched once its not some shitty emo doll. But this little wolf cub that was made from memory of what Kate had as a little girl pirtate is so good. There is so much personality and expression in it when you see it up close and her legs are sewn in the perfect way that she sits perfectly. Attached to her killer claw is her pull a long Fisher Price frog. I really liked this and it reminded me when I was a little shit machine and I used to be so excited about a new toy I would get I would draw it. I loved drawing Dino Riders you could always ad mad lazers n blood too. I dont remember this frog but Anne knew it straight away as did loads at the opening night. There is a serious home made whack of nostalgia and love off Kates piece and I think it would make someone really happy as a gift cause I got all mush when I opened the box to find it inside. So if anyone is interested in giving the little cub a home just send us an email and we'll get back to you right away. Kate is always making little gems like this and I hope soon she will have a site up with all her work. NO!


This awesome lino printed masterpiece is from the only genuine REAL living pirate in the world that I know of. His name is Reuben Whitehouse but his pirate name is Boo. I have known Boo and his beautiful lady in life, Kitty, for years n years now and had the bestest start to 2010 by welcoming it in with them. They have lived pirate lives travelling the sea and dusty roads of Oz for the past ages and now are living in Bristol where they make lots of cool things just like this piece which I love.It was part of our 'Toys of Christmas Past Show' Im loving the fact that each letter is indiviually hand cut and you can see the ink lines so well. Its mad homely and has a sense of building blocks you might have had as a little nipper. Best part is if you knew Boo you know this is exactly what he said to his telescope as a wee lad as he hugged it in his room. I dig nothing more than simplicity and language used in genius ways and this does it for me. My favourite part of the whole thing has to be the ultra AWESOME lightening bolt signiture stamp in the bottom corner. NICE!!! !
This piece is still up for sale but will be taken down this weekend and I think there is 80 bucks or something on it maybe more but so worth it as your gonna hear more about this pirate boo real soon and then you will regret not owning one of his early pieces. Imagine this on a kids bedroom wall.. screw kids imagine it on your wall especially in a sweet old attic bedroom. Well check out boo's site right here and if ya ever need some cool personal things made he is the man to ask. Not only is he an awesome pirate he is also a mean surfer, web designer, graphic artist and high 5'r. If Im wrong you get all your money back.

2010 in the LIttle Ghost

Sorry for the lack of update or news from the Little Ghost. We are back after a really lovely break away. Anne & myself spent a few days locked away in a wee thatched cottage on a little island off Donegal after New Years so we had time to work out plans for the little ghost over a  fine turf fire.

We needed a lie in for about 2 weeks after the mad run up to the gallery opening and all that. So we have scrubbed up in our finest overalls and have begun to take down the Toys of Christmas Past  Show and make way for a new show.
So here is our plan: We havent got one yet. But were working on it. But then once we found we were working on it it made the whole process a bit shit and boring and more like regular gallery shit. So we decided to watch DVDs and Anne cooked some bad ass meals from an awesome cook book. There are so many types of amazing fish I have never eaten and they must defo be eaten i tells ya. I suggest we call all fish yumfish from now on cause i aint found one that isnt nice ...well tuna is pretty  uckkkkfish. Anyway this is how Anne & me procrastinated when it came to the gallery. We would sit down like so, and say hey whats the story with the gallery. Then one of us would automatically point at something in the room and before you know it we have spent 7 long strong hours playing a board game no one has ever heard of. Let me tell you this the game is grape & i didnt mispell that by mistake. Anyway seems like I maybe doin the old procrastination dance again like Kevin Costner in that film with the indian wolves, he got nuttin done absoutley nuttin. Just danced and howled and protected Whitney Houston from being killed.

Anyway as I was saying before you interupted, the Little Ghost Gallery ( which has been voted best gallery in the world by my cousin dave and my brother who knows pretty much everything) will have another group show on in the coming months. We will be sending out the brief for the new show post haste but first we have to allow everyone calm down from the aftermath of the For The Love Of Change brief which came out a week or so ago. Word of advice from people who know, dont get too cosy with those FTLO lads, Shame and Igor. Its pretty obvious they are only in the game for the ladies, I mean one is really tall and has a pretty good taste in t-shirts and dont even get me started on how well dressed the other one is but anyways dont trust them whatever you do. Trust us cause we get stright to the point......
To cut a long story short, we are gonna have a group show in the next 2 months. Between now and then artists of any trade came email us at and submit work. We are always looking for new artists with something different and new to offer. So if you or anyone you know is looking to put on an exhibition let us know. We will be renting the gallery space to the artist for week long runs. We will also have weekend runs and the artist will have to curate their show after the opening night which we will host for them. Ah just email us for details.

We have gotten loads of interest in the gallery and have alot of artists in contact with us so we can only host so many and we cannot accept all the work. During the year Anne & myself will travel to Berlin, Paris and NYC to meet new artists, galleries and spread the gallery all around. We are always looking for support and extra help even if it means painting walls or sitting with a show someday so let us know if your free & we'll put ya on our emergency help list.
Now that blog entry was long enough to buy me a few weeks of not posting anything. Nice one.