Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rattle Me Bones by Ivor Noyek

This sweet little piece is from the hand of a man they call Ivor Noyek.You may remember Ivor from such art show episodes as The For The Love Of, which he stars with his fellow art attack mate Shane O Drizzy who made the sweet 'Longest Skid Wins' piece in the show we just had on. Both lads will be hosting yet another FTLO show in the Mill Street Gallery soon, this time it shall be the 'For The Love Of Change' show. They send out a brief asking artists to submit work based on this theme and then put on a big show where loads of folk flock to see and buy and party. Its really overrated though. I mean Ive been in their last two "successful" shows, FTLO God & FTLO Live and to be honest I thought it was pretty Sunday Mass like. Well I mean there was amazing artists at it and loads of people were there and each time round the shows gets bigger and better but yet again Ivor comes along and out dresses everyone else not even considering the thoughts and feelings of the poor artist who cant possibly afford such threads. Even though FTLO is one of the best new group shows you can be apart of and they throw a badass opening, its  no excuse for Shane O drizztics speeches. Yeah he has a pretty good flow but shhhhhhhhhh its an art gallery not a library. I dunno? We the Little Ghost keep offering them advice and help and encourage them to shut down but they ignore us.... kids wha? I tells ya! Anyway if your done living on facebook, check the brief for the show and apply with art i here to sell out.
 Ivors piece is called 'Rattle me Bones'. It was a game back in the day kinda like Buckaroo only better as it was a skeleton on a pirates treasure chest. It was pretty cool check it out here.
Ivor used some ink and pro markers I think on this and it was done on some newsprint I do believe. Still available from the Little Ghost gallery if you wanna buy it. Just send us an old email and then send us the money we'll be sure to send it on to whats his name. Ivor is a designer who makes things on a computer and a pretty good one too think its a Mac or something. Anyway if ya want Ivor to make you something or draw you something its best ask us first cause he will be out buying something nice for his legs or he will be stealing car radios. How else you think the FTLO is funded. tut tut tut!!!!

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