Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This awesome lino printed masterpiece is from the only genuine REAL living pirate in the world that I know of. His name is Reuben Whitehouse but his pirate name is Boo. I have known Boo and his beautiful lady in life, Kitty, for years n years now and had the bestest start to 2010 by welcoming it in with them. They have lived pirate lives travelling the sea and dusty roads of Oz for the past ages and now are living in Bristol where they make lots of cool things just like this piece which I love.It was part of our 'Toys of Christmas Past Show' Im loving the fact that each letter is indiviually hand cut and you can see the ink lines so well. Its mad homely and has a sense of building blocks you might have had as a little nipper. Best part is if you knew Boo you know this is exactly what he said to his telescope as a wee lad as he hugged it in his room. I dig nothing more than simplicity and language used in genius ways and this does it for me. My favourite part of the whole thing has to be the ultra AWESOME lightening bolt signiture stamp in the bottom corner. NICE!!! !
This piece is still up for sale but will be taken down this weekend and I think there is 80 bucks or something on it maybe more but so worth it as your gonna hear more about this pirate boo real soon and then you will regret not owning one of his early pieces. Imagine this on a kids bedroom wall.. screw kids imagine it on your wall especially in a sweet old attic bedroom. Well check out boo's site right here and if ya ever need some cool personal things made he is the man to ask. Not only is he an awesome pirate he is also a mean surfer, web designer, graphic artist and high 5'r. If Im wrong you get all your money back.

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