Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 in the LIttle Ghost

Sorry for the lack of update or news from the Little Ghost. We are back after a really lovely break away. Anne & myself spent a few days locked away in a wee thatched cottage on a little island off Donegal after New Years so we had time to work out plans for the little ghost over a  fine turf fire.

We needed a lie in for about 2 weeks after the mad run up to the gallery opening and all that. So we have scrubbed up in our finest overalls and have begun to take down the Toys of Christmas Past  Show and make way for a new show.
So here is our plan: We havent got one yet. But were working on it. But then once we found we were working on it it made the whole process a bit shit and boring and more like regular gallery shit. So we decided to watch DVDs and Anne cooked some bad ass meals from an awesome cook book. There are so many types of amazing fish I have never eaten and they must defo be eaten i tells ya. I suggest we call all fish yumfish from now on cause i aint found one that isnt nice ...well tuna is pretty  uckkkkfish. Anyway this is how Anne & me procrastinated when it came to the gallery. We would sit down like so, and say hey whats the story with the gallery. Then one of us would automatically point at something in the room and before you know it we have spent 7 long strong hours playing a board game no one has ever heard of. Let me tell you this the game is grape & i didnt mispell that by mistake. Anyway seems like I maybe doin the old procrastination dance again like Kevin Costner in that film with the indian wolves, he got nuttin done absoutley nuttin. Just danced and howled and protected Whitney Houston from being killed.

Anyway as I was saying before you interupted, the Little Ghost Gallery ( which has been voted best gallery in the world by my cousin dave and my brother who knows pretty much everything) will have another group show on in the coming months. We will be sending out the brief for the new show post haste but first we have to allow everyone calm down from the aftermath of the For The Love Of Change brief which came out a week or so ago. Word of advice from people who know, dont get too cosy with those FTLO lads, Shame and Igor. Its pretty obvious they are only in the game for the ladies, I mean one is really tall and has a pretty good taste in t-shirts and dont even get me started on how well dressed the other one is but anyways dont trust them whatever you do. Trust us cause we get stright to the point......
To cut a long story short, we are gonna have a group show in the next 2 months. Between now and then artists of any trade came email us at and submit work. We are always looking for new artists with something different and new to offer. So if you or anyone you know is looking to put on an exhibition let us know. We will be renting the gallery space to the artist for week long runs. We will also have weekend runs and the artist will have to curate their show after the opening night which we will host for them. Ah just email us for details.

We have gotten loads of interest in the gallery and have alot of artists in contact with us so we can only host so many and we cannot accept all the work. During the year Anne & myself will travel to Berlin, Paris and NYC to meet new artists, galleries and spread the gallery all around. We are always looking for support and extra help even if it means painting walls or sitting with a show someday so let us know if your free & we'll put ya on our emergency help list.
Now that blog entry was long enough to buy me a few weeks of not posting anything. Nice one.