Thursday, January 14, 2010

Skeleton Dance by Sara Antoinette Martin

When someone as nice as Sara Antoinette Martin sends a piece like this to us in the Little Ghost all the way from her studio in New York, you realise that there are so many people in the world that you need to personally high 5.
I was doing the Secret Wars showdown before Christmas in Dublin. Our team was up against the skilled OFFSET team and I was a bit buzzed at the fact that folk such as Tara Mcpherson and James Jean were in town giving talks and might very well pop along and kick back with us. Didnt think Tara Mcpherson would actually jump up and start juicing her maker on the the OFFSET board but she did and well that was just awesome. After the show I thought I might go up n chat to Tara about the gallery and ask her would she like to put some work in sometime and make new friends in a little Irish town. I realised once we got to partying that the last thing I wanted to do was wreck the head of someone who I admire with shite talk and she was bombed with same ol same ol so Instead I fondled a mans beard in front of her and scattered.
But after this I emailed her causeIts farrrrr more polite these days. She couldnt get work over as the timeline was too tight and she was busy out but she said her friend Sara might be interested. Low and behold Sara is thee Sara. The Frida Kahlo of today without the unibrow and broken back and frog like man on her arm.
Was a pleasure to hang this in the gallery and I was a bit bummed it sold so quick as I really wanted it. Thats the last time I ignore the greed part of my brain.  I did get a lovely signed print of "Unfinanced Love" for Christmas from my lady faced lady. Gonna carry it under my arm everywhere I go.
We hope to see more of Sara's work on the wall of the Little Ghost and have her over for some hot whiskeys and a cuppa cha someday.

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