Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Allied Occupation Forces in France by John Corrigan

This is John Corrigans piece from the Toys of Christmas Past Show. John based this on an old toy soldier play set he had as a child. I think it was like a Normandy landing playset and he put his own swing on it. I dont remember any old plastic soldier sets being detailed I always remember they were universally the same in a wee bag had a German flag and an American Flag and a crap jeep and tank and a few sand bags. We wanna see this play set john or we cry hoax!
But ya gotta love this piece right? Its pretty sweet as. That girl is pretty hot too I dunno why all the soldiers are running away from her maybe they just wanna party with their baguette and wine. This is a limited edition print and we still have the framed one available to buy in the gallery but not for long more as it shall be going back to the artist so if you want it at a good price send us an email and we can send it out to you in a tank.

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