Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Sunday Times Help us fight crime!

We were surprised to find this little piece in a section of the Sunday Times today. 
We are getting ever so closer to the sticky bandits! We really don't want to have to name and shame the person or people but If it comes to it we just might do it for the craic! 
We said a week ago that we would give it a week for whoever drunkly stole from us to return the goods. We politely extend this invitation to return the items to the gallery by 24 hours. 
After that we are going all out and if we have the attention of the national newspapers then we really will go all out! 
So to you who knows who has our lights, YES YOU! then you know what to do or we make this even more CRAZY !!!!! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paul Mahon and the Pen Pal Pears.

This is a really great little piece of film made by Paul Mahon. Where would we be without Paul Mahon. I know I would be pushing a shopping trolley filled with trash and pulling along a pet duck on a lead. Anne would be running some underground type Fight Club for ducks hence where I got mine. This is exactly the way our lives would be if we hadn't a Paul Mahon in it. So I suggest you go out there and find yourself a Paul before it's too late. 
To Paul this was a quick little thing he through together in bed one morning that as he said himself "sure man I didn't really give it much thought to be honest". 
I love how Paul is the guy in the room who everyone knows, the guy with the headband and bright coloured pants always seeming like he is up to devilment.Who would have known he was the one who captured these lovely shots when no one was looking. I think it encapsulates the feeling of the whole night. Everyone sharing curious glances, chirping to one another and sharing good laughs. Everyone has a child like sense of wonder in their face as they were reading and peeping at all the artists work. Just Perfect. Thank you Paul. Couldn't have chosen a nicer track to accompany it. 

Click on the video to watch it in full screen!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


After having such a great night for the opening on Friday we were so disappointed to discover that someone had stolen something from the gallery. 
We had two handmade Little Pacman style glass ghost lanterns on our stairs and someone swiped them. We have had them since the gallery opened and they mean a lot to us. The thought that someone came to the show, drank our wine, ate our food mingled amongst the good folk and then took the lanterns is really shit! 

We know someone there knows who took them and we want them back. Please mail us at or call us on 0851032909 if you wanna rat out your scumbag mate.

 To the person who took them we are delighted to tell you that there is a small camera above the stairs that captured the whole thing. So we don't wanna have to chase you down so if your reading this or your friend is then all you have to do is bring them back. If not we print the images of you taking them and put them on-line. Would be pretty nice to hand into a Garda station too now that I think of it. 

The gallery is open all week so drop them in any time. If they are not back in the gallery by the end of the week well then we name and shame. 



Thank you to everyone who came down to the Pen Pal Pears show opening on Friday night. It was a great night and we didn't expect the huge crowd that came down. The reaction to the show was immense and nothing beat the great feeling that was there on the night as all the Pen Pal Pears finally met each other. So many hugs, so many high 5's so so many new friends made.

 Thanks to Niall & his lovely girlfriend for making cake and the most amazing gummy bears shish  kebabs ever!!! To Kerry for all the food and sausage rolls, flippin YUM! Lily &  Kev we are still sooooo sorry that really expensive bottle of wine you got us was swallowed by the pirates but we are gonna relax today and enjoy our chocolate so thank you. Eleanor gave us a new edition for the gallery which you must come and see its actually magical and possesses powers beyond this universe. 

A gigantic, massively huge whopper of a thanks to Michael McDermott from LeCool who opened the show for us. I don't think anyone has ever seen an opening like Michaels. Amazing! The man is a genius. I am dedicating a whole show to the Life and times of Mr Michael McDermott. We were lucky to have him stay down another night so the party never ended. Thank you sir you made the weekend. 

To all the artists whose work is now on the gallery walls, thank you for your time, patience and dedication over the past few months. The whole experience was as challenging for Anne and myself as it was for you. We never realised how and simple idea could grow into a mini movement so quick. The stories of friendships being formed because of this show never grows old. Ever time I go back into the gallery I find something new on the wall. It is such a great show which such interesting artists. It was a pleasure hanging the work (long nights, stress, freak outs, panic attacks, fights, tea, coffee, tea, stiff drinks.......) and we hope to do it again so it is not a once off by any means. 

The show is open all week from 12 - 5 pm and the artists in the show will be invigilating so make sure to chat to whoever is there and get to know their work. It's a show that takes time to view so when your there have a cuppa or bring like a really nice ice pop and browse those walls. It is like a traditional Facebook. You get to read peoples lives and see where they are at and what they have done in the past few months. You can like or ignore the work, logout or walk out, suggest it to a friend and also poke a real live artist when your there, poke them right in the arm!!! 

We have a video on the way from Mr Paul Mahon who was so awesomely awesome to film the night with his lovely new camera and also provide the great visuals we had outside. There will be more visuals outside the gallery during the week so pop on down some night. 

I stole some photos from Lily Reilly so shhhhhh she may never know. We will post up all the artists work over the next week so keep an eye out and please call down to see it and tell your friends. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010



Only a few days to go until the opening night for the Pen Pal Pears show. So what is this Pen Pal nonsense you so brashly speak of with your fancy pants arty jibber jabber??? Well I will tell thee. 
A few months back we asked artists of all artistic backgrounds to send us examples of their work. We chose 60 artists out of a near 200 and we spent a few nights looking closely at all the artists work. We then paired off the artists into 30 pairs and wrote a letter to each. In this letter was the postal address of their new Pen Pal Pear. 
We asked the artists to make contact with their Pen Pal and create something that will be exhibited in the gallery as a large group show. The artists were asked not to Google or email each other. We begged them not to Facebook their Pen Pal or meet them face to face. We only wanted them to contact each other using the postal system and eventually when the are finished their collaboration they meet face to face on the opening night of the show which is this coming Friday the 6th of August. 

Who doesn't like getting post? Awwwwwww it's one of those lovely little things in life that never grows old. But due to our increasing laziness and obsession with everything online we forget the good old days and we give a big MEH! to romance and letter writing. My brother Dave still writes home and I think it's so admirable and nice in today's world. When you get a hand written letter you get a sense of the process that went into putting it all together. Its all the fine details of putting the paper down, sitting at your desk or kitchen table, writing away taking the time to seal and send. Perfect! You can see how I'm totally goin for an An Post Oscar .
Well we thought how great would it be if we could ask artists to just write a letter to someone they don't know but knowing they share the same interest and have to work towards something together. We knew from the start that there would be problems and artists would drop out and people would panic and get frustrated and rush things and others would take it in their stride and some would forget and some wouldn't give a shit and some would sneak an email or even meet their artist Pen Pal. We wanted all of this to happen because ever moment was being recorded through the letters and through the creation of each artwork. 

The show itself will be something very different. The finished art works will be displayed but also all of the letters, packages, emails, notes, post-it's from all the artists so the viewer can see all every bit of creation from start to finish. We don't want to just hang all the pieces on the wall n some boring manner so we are working hard to make the display of the work as interesting as the work itself.  There are friendships formed and artists pals made for life, some of the artists met up in other countries, some never made it past the first letter, some fell out but its all so damn interesting! 

So next Friday please come and join us and be apart of what will be a very different and unique event. Meet the artists and have a drink with us. We hope to have some live music and all our visitors make their own letter to be sent to someone the may know or not know.  

Friday 6h of August at 8.00pm 

All Welcome!