Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paul Mahon and the Pen Pal Pears.

This is a really great little piece of film made by Paul Mahon. Where would we be without Paul Mahon. I know I would be pushing a shopping trolley filled with trash and pulling along a pet duck on a lead. Anne would be running some underground type Fight Club for ducks hence where I got mine. This is exactly the way our lives would be if we hadn't a Paul Mahon in it. So I suggest you go out there and find yourself a Paul before it's too late. 
To Paul this was a quick little thing he through together in bed one morning that as he said himself "sure man I didn't really give it much thought to be honest". 
I love how Paul is the guy in the room who everyone knows, the guy with the headband and bright coloured pants always seeming like he is up to devilment.Who would have known he was the one who captured these lovely shots when no one was looking. I think it encapsulates the feeling of the whole night. Everyone sharing curious glances, chirping to one another and sharing good laughs. Everyone has a child like sense of wonder in their face as they were reading and peeping at all the artists work. Just Perfect. Thank you Paul. Couldn't have chosen a nicer track to accompany it. 

Click on the video to watch it in full screen!!!

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