Sunday, August 8, 2010


After having such a great night for the opening on Friday we were so disappointed to discover that someone had stolen something from the gallery. 
We had two handmade Little Pacman style glass ghost lanterns on our stairs and someone swiped them. We have had them since the gallery opened and they mean a lot to us. The thought that someone came to the show, drank our wine, ate our food mingled amongst the good folk and then took the lanterns is really shit! 

We know someone there knows who took them and we want them back. Please mail us at or call us on 0851032909 if you wanna rat out your scumbag mate.

 To the person who took them we are delighted to tell you that there is a small camera above the stairs that captured the whole thing. So we don't wanna have to chase you down so if your reading this or your friend is then all you have to do is bring them back. If not we print the images of you taking them and put them on-line. Would be pretty nice to hand into a Garda station too now that I think of it. 

The gallery is open all week so drop them in any time. If they are not back in the gallery by the end of the week well then we name and shame. 



  1. When people steal from you like that, they've crossed the line. You don't owe them anything. Post the security images and out these thieving scum buckets.

  2. Impressive approach towards the issue. Good Luck :)