Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She Wolf Cub & Fisher Price Frog by Kate Elliot

When Kate sent me this in the post I thought it was a gift my girlfriend had bought me on Ebay then after i read the note with Reuben's (her pirate partner) I realised it was not to be mine it was her submission for the Toys of Christmas Past show. I felt sad. Then I was happy cause it is such a cool piece. I lve nothing better than anything hand stitched once its not some shitty emo doll. But this little wolf cub that was made from memory of what Kate had as a little girl pirtate is so good. There is so much personality and expression in it when you see it up close and her legs are sewn in the perfect way that she sits perfectly. Attached to her killer claw is her pull a long Fisher Price frog. I really liked this and it reminded me when I was a little shit machine and I used to be so excited about a new toy I would get I would draw it. I loved drawing Dino Riders you could always ad mad lazers n blood too. I dont remember this frog but Anne knew it straight away as did loads at the opening night. There is a serious home made whack of nostalgia and love off Kates piece and I think it would make someone really happy as a gift cause I got all mush when I opened the box to find it inside. So if anyone is interested in giving the little cub a home just send us an email and we'll get back to you right away. Kate is always making little gems like this and I hope soon she will have a site up with all her work. NO!

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