Thursday, December 17, 2009

Longest Skid Wins - Shane O Driscoll

Shane O Driscoll is a great mate and an unreal talent when it comes to design.  I couldnt wait to see his piece for the 'Toys of Christmas Past' show in the gallery. Its crazy how you can get a feeling of your childhood and the 80s by an image. So clever and cool. The title of this piece is called 'Longest Skid Wins'. I think everyone who read it at the show went 'Awwwww Yeahhhhh'!!! Id buy it for that titke alone. Its also cleverly priced at €88. Nice Shane!! Its well worth it. A once off 4 colour Screenprint on card taht captures the childhood of any scruffy young lad from the 80s who got a BMX from Santy. This piece is still on offer and on the wall so I encourage you too come and view it and then buy it cause its unreal. I really want it on a t-shirt or tattooed on my chest.

Shane is one of the fathers of FTLO shows which have set up to be one of the ground breaking success stories for large group exhibitions of 2009. Shane and the other dad of FTLO Ivor Noyek have made a line in the sand for new and independent artists in Ireland to cross over and make something of themselves by dedication alone.

I couldnt take my hat off enough to these two boys for their pure modesty and dedication alone. Its far and few you come across in the art world who set up high standards to follow by what they create and keep a level head. Gentlemen indeed.

If your an artist and want to find your place in the world and get your work out there in a professional and stylish manner well keep a close eye on these lads as next year everyone will be talking about them, Ive already started rumours.

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