Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eleanor Reilly covers LeCool and tells all in her interview

This is Eleanors awesome cover she designed for Lecool.
She also gave a really lovely interview which includes an even lovlier photo of her and thats right here.

Eleanor is a great friend of ours and is already a huge part of the Little Ghost Gallery family. We are lucky to have such a dedicated and beautifully talented artist like Eleanor be apart of the gallery, even if she does like Calvin Harris.

Anyways expect to be seeing more of Eleanors work right here and in the gallery of course. Funny you mention that because she has a piece in the Toys of Christmas Past group show which is on until December 24th. Yes you heard me Christmas Bloody Eve. Thats dedication and if ya wanna buy someone the nicest pressy ever well ill tell you this much...its in the gallery. We dont do rip off, cocky, shit art we do only the best and most creative and fun, no serious woe is me shite. Eleanor Reilly aint about woe is me she is all about finding gems on Youtube and bringing flasks of tea to cool places. Eleanor Reilly people, remember the name, but remember we found her first.

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