Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Days of Phil Evans Show in Gallery

The Little Ghost Gallery was delighted to host the first solo exhibition for the talent that is Phil Evans. Unfortunately I was away on the night of the opening last Friday but from I heard it was a pretty sweet as night.
This all sounds like the show is done and dusted...hells no it ain't. There is two solid days left and whoever is reading this and has yet wandered down to the gallery, well I insist you do.
You have to see this show for the following reasons which have been officially written by the Government.

  1. Phil's artwork makes your eyeballs feel like they are skateboarding. 
  2. There is no stuck up, fancy pants, rip off ego art going on. Its straight up good fun and damn fine art. 
  3. Phil once saved his girlfriends gerbils life. 
  4. If you have never tried tea whilst viewing art in a gallery well Phil will sort it out.
  5. There are hand made free gifts and the best business cards I have ever seen there for the taking. 
  6. Phil tells a bad ass story about a fight you only hear about in guy football films. 
  7.  The Little Ghost Gallery is actually clean and has a new old sign up which is worth any tourist photo opportunity
  8. Phil is actually a rare breed of gentleman artist that is slowly becoming extinct. 
  9. Phil holds the record for the longest break dance body pop in the world ever. He will only show it to a crowd of at least 20 or more but never 50 as he could easy kill a crowd that big with such a big body pop. 
  10. . This is Phil's first solo show so it would be great to say hey I was at his first show back in the day. I kinda regret not buying something now that he is a huge name in the art world. 

That's just some of the 250 Government reasons outlined in the official Little Ghost Report about the show. We all know if the Government say so we must abide. 

There are 2 days left in the show and I went in today as Im just home from my travels and it was such a great space to walk into. Phil working away at his desk with nice tunes on and he is still putting out the work. Every artist knows what its like to have slow days and have no one in, its heart breaking so if your about Kilkenny do stop in. Everything in Kilkenny is a few minutes walk away, if you were in Paris or New York you would get trains and boats miles away to see some classical boring rubbish art just to get a photo to prove to yourself that you were there. At least here its less travel for better art. DEAL!!! 

I only got a quick look around at Phil's work today but on first glance it really grabs you. Like the idea of the mob that runs through the work, you  quickly become the colourful masked face looking back at you. You jump back n forth from the canvas to see how it was made or what's hidden beneath the detailed lines. Its really clever and different and we at the Little Ghost couldn't be happier to have Phil on our walls. 

Ill put up a better write up of the whole show once I have a better look at it and enjoy it with a cup of tea and a nice sit down. 

If you would like to hear more about the show and about Phil we will be on the radio with the lovely Edwina Grace on her show at 4.20. So tune into KCLR on 96 FM at 4.20 tomorrow to hear us have a wee chat and chomp down on some delish treats!!

The really sharp and sweet as photo I have uploaded here were all taken by Phil's mate Kevin Tunney. He got some great shots on the opening night and his angles and takes on the work really work well. Thanks Kevin! 

Ill just leave the post with a few more of Kevin's photos so we can infiltrate your mind and make you come down to see the awesome show. 

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