Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I don't mean to be pushy or put peer pressure on anyone BUT if your not down to the Little Ghost Gallery on Friday night, Yes this Friday night, we'll come to your house and do a serious knick-knack on it or maybe if we have shared a Luke warm can of shandy we may even egg your house. Hellz yes that's a threat. Not a treat as I may have just misspelled it there but a very real treat..I mean threat. 

We're not usually this pushy when it comes to shows at the old gallery but this time we have a pretty hardy badger sheltering his work under our roof. A mister Phil Evans will take the gallery for a week and blow your God damn minds. I'm not kidding he has the gentle persona of a man who carries a Colt 45 strapped to his ankle. So you can understand why were in such a pickle here with this renegade artist. He pretty much called me up and said if I don't comply to his demands he will kill his girlfriends gerbil....I said to him like any good art gallery owner, "Kill the fuckin rat but make sure you take a photo before and after". I'm pretty sure that dead gerbil will be in the show so that's a must see right there. He also said if we the gallery don't have at least 50 people at his grand opening on Friday night that he will kill Anne. Now I don't know if this is true but I wouldn't like to chance it. I'm so freaked out and worried for my life that I'm going to Barcelona and Paris to see if they can help us get him out of our gallery. Just like in that film Braveheart but totally different. 

So if your in Kilkenny and you want to have a pretty awesome night on Friday night THIS FRIDAY COMING AGAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHHH well then you know where to go. NOT THERE WHERE YOU JUST THOUGHT...The Little Ghost Gallery Yes that's right! 
Lets say about 8 ...would that be OK for you? Great! 8 It is so. Can you bring your own beer or wine?? Why yes yes you can. Are you allowed to dance to the awesome live tunes on the night....YES! Yes you are! Can you maybe meet the love of your life that night and fall deep in love and all thanks to the gallery where Phils show is on??? NO! Phil said that's not allowed, also he said no cats allowed and bring sandwiches, the kind at 21st's. 

Also if your in Dublin and sick of it and realise yeah I'm gonna live a little THIS FRIDAY, maybe I dunno, go to Kilkenny, stop in have a pint, be at the Little Ghost Gallery for like ... I dunno...8. Maybe even ...I dunno ...buy a painting. Yeah maybe don't be so stingey all your life and buy something that's beautiful and unique unlike that car you drive or that hat you wear. Phill made us say that, we never speak like that. 

We'll since I'm so upset I best be off, but remember, Joe's is just around the corner from the gallery and so is every pub in Kilkenny and a Halal shop so what more do you need to have a good time. Dead Gerbils? Phil has it covered! 

Here is what Phil has to say in his own words about the show - 


"I could never get my head around mob mentality. I've never been quite sure where my attitude for this comes from, but as far back as I can remember I could never understand why people would succumb to the ideas of a larger group even if they didn't share the opinion of that group. The people who inspire me most are those who don't regard the opinion of "The Mob" and just pursue the course that feels most natural to them, which is often following their passions.
As a human in Irish society today there are many seemingly inescapable clichés that go unquestioned. I found by using a very simple character in all of the works for this show that I could put some of these various common scenarios into a slightly ridiculous context, and therefore make these scenarios more questionable. Media, advertising, dress codes, fame, txt speak, idols, music, sport, public movement and opinions are some of the ideas that seemed most apt for me to illustrate what I was trying to get at, which is that there is no harm in questioning anything you do. Just because everyone else is doing something it does not mean you are obliged to participate also. "The next big thing" will be yesterday’s news in no time. Who says you need to spend your evenings in front of a flat screen HD ready TV? Who says you don't? Who says you need to ride around on a skateboard or spend hours on end scribbling to get the most out of your day? Do whatever floats your boat, or don't."


“The Scrum Tilly Lush” produced, directed, shot and released short film in association with WESC and Nike SB. The film was shot on location in 11 cities around Europe, and premiered in 6 cities alongside exhibitions of artwork incorporated into the film. Jan 2009

“Human Pyramids art collective” group show- displayed short film and acrylic portrait on canvas entitled “Gibbo” at the “Ghetto Gloss” gallery on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Sept 2009

‘Toys of Christmas Past’ - artist group show – Little Ghost Gallery grand opening. Dec 2009

‘Projected Weekends’ - The Digital Hub - Thomas St., Dublin. “A Tale of 3 Cities”, Dec 2010

“Pop won’t eat itself” featured artist in group show for SOMA gallery, Lombard St, Waterford. Jan 2010

“Little Picture Show”, in the Crow St gallery, Temple bar, Dublin. Feb 2010

"Central Zine’s 10 year anniversary exhibition", group show, at the Marlaska Gallery, Gran Canaria. Feb 2010

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  1. good luck Phil, hope all goes well and you have agreat show... wish i could go