Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Ghost Vancancies - Apply Within

The Little Ghost Gallery has been a little more ghostly than usual over the past few months. After having many a cup of tea with a sit down chat followed by the ever more serious stand up hand signal chat, we have decided that we are going to make the Little Ghost a more creative place full time. With our ever growing work loads and the distance from home we have agreed that we would like to have someone with similar interests, ideas and intentions as us move into the space and make that their creative home.
The gallery is now a blank space which we intend on transforming into a studio space all depending on the artists studio needs. 
The studio will be available to rent for exhibition for the Kilkenny Arts Festival which is now open for application. 
If you would like to apply for the Little Ghost Studio we need the following from you:

  • A brief description of your practice and work to date.
  • Your intentions for the space and studio needs
  • 3-4 images of your most current work 
  • Your favourite animal and song
  • A current C.V.
Please email us at    

Submissions for Kilkenny Arts Festival: 

  • A brief description of your practice and work to date.
  • A brief description of your intended show
  • 3-4 images of your most current work 
  • A current C.V.
We will have more news on developments In the coming days but for now spread the word and ask around. 
For any inquires about rates and rent just email us at 
We look forward to hearing from you.   

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