Thursday, July 14, 2011


Calling all artists, crafties, photographers, designers and creatives alike. We are calling out for you to exhibit In the Little Ghost for the Kilkenny Arts Festival this year. We have decided to have an open call to anyone who is interesting In having a show In the gallery. We will select the work and artist that we feel represents the gallery the best. The more different and engaging the better. We are looking for energy to be brought to the gallery to make it less ghostly and more alive. The artist must be highly motivated and willing to draw a crowd. Is this you? The gallery is In a great spot around the festival, right on the tourist trail, leading up to one of the main venues for the Arts Festival, St Canices Cathedral. The gallery gets visitors during the day and night because of Its location and is a very versatile space that can engage with the public. 
If you would like to rent the gallery space for the festival all you have to do Is the following: 

  • Email the with your intentions for your show. Attach sample pictures of your most recent work, a C.V.  and any relevant information about the show you wish to house In the gallery.
  • The DEADLINE to get your submissions In to us Is July 22- THATS NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!!

We will be renting the gallery to the artist. The gallery Is rented to the artist for 3 weeks for a set fee. This gives the artist a week before and after the show to work In the gallery and have plenty of time to continue their show after the festival. 
For anymore information please email us or you can contact us by phone on 0851032909 
We hope to hear from you soon.....well ya have a week and a day so REALLY SOON!!!! 

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