Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet the New Cats and Dogs of the Kilkenny Arts Festival 2011

Thank you to all who applied to the gallery, sorry we were not able to get back to all of you individually as we are away getting our ghostly frames sun burnt and trying to get as far away from interwebiness as much as possible. We are happy to announce that The Little Ghost will be the host of a pretty exciting and honorary show. This year we will be hosts of the National College of Art & Design Graduates Show. The show which is titled 'N.ew C.ats A.nd D.ogs' will be something of unique treat indeed and worthy contender for the BEST FUCKIN EXHIBITION OF THE YEAR award.  Upon walking up the little stairs and into our little gallery you will be high 5'd In the eyes by the selection of work by some of the new and best artists that our little country has to offer. This Is the perfect opportunity for anyone who missed the NCAD Degree Show to catch a glimpse of it here. We have been wanting to get fresh new work In the gallery to bring It back to life and we really wanted It to be young and brand new. Stepping away from painting and Illustration we are so excited that some hand crafted artistic structures will haunt the space for the week and hopefully longer.  So here Is whats on offer -  
10 recent graduates of NCAD showing a selection of their work as part of Kilkenny Arts Festival.

Jewellery - Glass - Ceramic - Sculpture - Photography

Opening Night Saturday August 6th, 7pm all welcome!

Open Daily 10am - 6pm

The Little Ghost Gallery, Coach Road, Dean St, Kilkenny... (Canice's Cathedral hill!)

Featuring the work of...
Muireann Walshe, Eimear O'Connor, Julia Schreckenbach, Anna West,
Sam Hamilton, Conor O Toole, Charlene Mcfarland, Daniela Cardillo, Ruth Power, Eoghain Thomas O'Brien & Ian McDevitt.

We can't say enough about the artists and their work, but whatever you do make it to what will be a great opening night and surely not to be missed, we wish all the artists the very best and stayed tuned to see and hear more right here and on the Face of Book! 

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